Pat Dooley’s Front Nine: January 22

The Front Nine comes at you to talk about The Season Of The Weird not going away just because the calendar changed. 10. I tried to tell people that just because the year was new didn’t mean we were all going to get back to normal. As Exhibit A, I give you the Florida basketball team heading into Saturday’s game …

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Trask Misses Out On Heisman, Still Deserving of Accolades

There was no real surprise Tuesday night in a year full of surprises. Devonta Smith, second on my ballot for the record (Trevor Lawrence was third), won the Heisman Trophy and in a year that didn’t seem normal, it was fitting that a wide receiver won the Heisman, the first one since 1991. But there was a Heisman delivered to …

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Pat Dooley's The Back 9

Pat Dooley’s Back Nine: December 14

The Back Nine comes at you after a unique Saturday night which included going to the Florida-LSU game and just sitting in the stands with my wife. It was our first ever Florida football game sitting together in the stadium. So, yes, I am the jinx. 10. The stunning and sad event that happened in Tallahassee on Saturday with Keyontae …

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